Retrieve Deleted or Lost Photos in Minutes

How to Recover Photos from a DSLR Camera?

You might have deleted photos from Canon DSLR camera either by mistake or intentionally, without knowing that you do not have a backup of them. Do not regret on what happened, rather than that go ahead and find for a solution. Here is the best way to restore pictures from different models of Canon DSLR cameras or camcorders. You might have lost photos from Canon DSLR cameras in any situations like given below:

  • Formatting of Canon DSLR camera card either on the device or when connected to computer leads to erasure of photos and files from the camera
  • Interruption of the photo transfer process from Canon DSLR to any drive of the computer or vice-versa
  • Using DSLR camera when the battery on it is about to drain fully and lose some finally shot pictures before it shuts down
  • Deletion of Canon DSLR camera photos by antivirus software when connected to  desktop or laptop
Photos Retrieval

There are various circumstances like above when photos from Canon DSLR cameras are lost. However, you can retrieve photos from Canon DSLR cameras lost or deleted in any situation using Photos Retrieval software. This software helps you get back images of different formats like JPEG, JPG, etc. or CRW and CR2 RAW files generated specially by Canon DSLR cameras. Whatever may be the file format, the importance of photos is high if they are taken to capture some memories.

Retrieve Photostream Photos of different Formats

Photostream is an application used to share pictures on different devices connected to a network using Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. To use it, you need to havean iCloud account and usually, it is used on iOS devices. You can even share photos to computers with Windows 7 or later versions of Operating System by installing compatible software on them. The Photostream photos will be present in My Photo Stream folder on your devices. They will be stored in cloud storage. If you want them on the memory of your devices then you can download them. After downloading from cloud storage, you might delete them from there. Suppose you lose Photostream photos which you had downloaded and stored on the local logical drive of the computer then you will lose them forever.

However, there is no need to worry if you do not have a copy of deleted or lost Photostream photos. You can restore them using Photos Retrieval software until they are not overwritten by new data. Therefore you should avoid data overwrite, by stopping usage of the storage device from which Photostream photos need to be retrieved till you recover them using Photos Retrieval software.

Best Way to Retrieve Pictures from xD Card..!

xD cards are used as storage media in many cameras and camcorders. These are built with a latest technology and supports storing pictures at great write speed. Hence, xD memory cards make you capture all moments and expressions without missing out a single one. These are very compact in size and very powerful too supporting high-end DSLR devices. If any picture from xD card gets deleted or lost then you would not bare it. Think of a solution instead of worrying after any sort of loss scenario as given below:

  • xD Card corruption due to severe virus infection. Viruses may even turn photo pictures in a hidden format
  • Abrupt removal of xD card from computer USB ports when photos are being transferred leads to loss of them
  • Using xD card on different devices frequently may damage the card
  • Formatting xD card repeatedly and unnecessarily results in loss of all data from the card including photos

Whatever may be the reason for xD card photo loss, you can restore pictures from xD card using Photos Retrieval software on your PCs. This software is capable to retrieve photos from xD card of both Olympus and Fujifilm brands which manufacture xD card. Try the demo version and preview recovered photos.

How can you Retrieve Skype Pictures?

Skype is an application used to make video calls, text chats, transfer photos, etc. When any photo is received from Skype, it will be stored in a location on Skype drive of computer. You can even redirect the address for Skype picture storage by yourself. When Skype pictures get deleted for any reason accidentally from its location or you lose them due to any unfavorable situation then here is the solution. You can retrieve photos received from Skype using Photos Retrieval software.

You might have lost Skype pictures when the folder consisting of them is formatted, the folder might have got deleted and Recycle Bin is emptied without restoring them. However, you can restore pictures of different formats from Skype by using Photos Retrieval software on your PC.

How to Retrieve Photos from Micro SD Card?

Micro SD card is used to store various types of files such as pictures, videos, music, etc. They are used in various digital devices such as digital camera, smartphones, camcorders, etc. Sometimes, a user may lose photos and various files from their Micro SD card due to some known or unknown reasons. But don't get devastated as you can use Photos Retrieval software to retrieve photos from Micro SD card.

Key features of the Photos Retrieval software:

  • Simple interface with details on each screen for its usage
  • This software can recover deleted photos from SD card as well as from different types of memory cards like CF card, xD card, SDXC card, SDHC card, MMC card, etc.
  • Photo Retrieval software is capable of retrieving photos from different formats of pictures such as JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, etc. including RAW image formats like CRW, MRW, DNG, etc. generated by different digital devices.
  • Has powerful scanning mechanism to retrieve deleted photos from memory card and other media files in short span of time
  • Supports media file restoration from various devices like pen drives, memory cards, internal and external hard drives, iPods, etc.
  • Compatible with retrieving data from SATA, IDE, SCSI and many more hard drive types
  • It comes with read-only feature that assures you no damage to files while the recovery process
  • Requires less memory space of 50 MB for installation on your computers
  • Provides technical support round the clock for users when they get stuck
  • Has different builds of software for Mac OS X and Windows OS users
  • Free updates will be available once purchased
  • Photos Retrieval program is virus free and secure to use on your devices


  • Use antivirus software to scan for viruses and avoid any corruption or loss of photos
  • Keep backup of your important photos on different devices
  • Use UPS while transferring any photos, videos, audios, etc. from one drive to the other on the computer
  • Always safe remove xD cards or any other devices connected to the computer

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